The lead consultant at ASDF Research has QPR accreditation, is a full member of the AMSRS and has over 20 years experience in the social and market research industry. Her work history can be found on Linkedin and a PDF summary can be found here: Christy Arnott CV (pdf 120KB).

We also have a product flyer here and a blog discussing research issues which you can find here.

Some of our clients:

Recent ASDF projects have been outlined below:

Climate Action Plan research

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In collaboration with Market Solutions we undertook research to understand community perceptions of Climate Action, to inform the development of a local council Climate Action Plan.

Nearmarket cycling infrastructure research

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In collaboration with CDM Research we developed a survey tool to help understand how cycling infrastructure changes might encourage people to cycle to work.

Domestic Animal Management Plan Community Engagement

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Assisted a local Council with developing a community engagement framework and implementing a representative community survey (mail-out), general community survey (online and paper), data combining, analysis and reporting, and first draft of the DAMP.

Strategic Planning benchmarking

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Set up a dynamic excel form for collecting administrative data from seven Councils. Collected data was combined and analysed, with the production of a clear and consise analysis report to assist with service planning.

City resource data pack

Development of a comprehensive Excel document to summarise data from a range of sources across 19 topic areas relevant to Council planning.

Council Plan Engagement

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Assisted a local council with the design, analysis and evaluation of community engagement to inform their Council Plan.

Alcohol harm fact sheets


Using publicly available data we produced 7 inforgraphics tailored to the clients style guide, plus a supporting reference document.

Facilities planning

Assisted a local council with the analysis of data from their facilities booking database to help identify the likely financial impact on clients of a change in booking structure and fees

Limesurvey training

Provided 2 x 1 hour training sessions for a staff member on use of the online survey software package Limesurvey.

Parent satisfaction survey

Assisted a local council with analysis of their childcare parent satisfaction survey.

Health and Wellbeing Needs of Older People


Comprehensive data sourcing and presentation project. Outputs include a designed report, infographics and a data dashboard.

Facility Usage Counts

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ASDF Research managed a project to measure usage of public toilet facilities for a local council, to inform their Public Toilet Plan.

Health tracker

Design work to produce a visual health tracker for the Municipal Health Profile, and development of a written summary section for the document.

Thematic Analysis

Undertook a thematic analysis of 2 questions in a pre-existing survey.

Each question had over 800 comments ranging from 1-5 […]

Research and Consultation database

This project occurred whilst Christy was directly employed by Moonee Valley City Council, not as an ASDF contract. It has been included as a illustration of the type of work ASDF Research can do. Christy designed and implemented a database to keep track of research and consultation projects occurring in the organisation.

AHIC national survey


A project for the Australian Horse Industry Council which achieved over 3,000 completed surveys. ASDF designed the survey, hosted an online version, produced an analysis report and infographic and presented the findings.

Intercept survey programming, with iPads

ASDF Research was commissioned by a transport planner to program an online survey with an embedded video, and provide 3 iPads for interviewers to conduct the survey.

Cycling Survey


Designed and programmed an online survey with mapping functionality built-in. Distributed the survey through various channels and presented some of the findings using a Google map.

Healesville Community Survey report

Detailed thematic analysis of pre-existing research data, and reporting of the findings.

Understanding and supporting Young People


Developed a youth profile for Banyule municipality, a youth needs assessment, and an overview of the Youth Services sector.

Nationbuilder implementation and training

Assisting a not for profit with the set-up of Nationbuilder, and training staff on privacy protocols and how to use the system.

Intercept survey design

Refining of survey questions and graphic design of paper survey.

Polling booth modelling

Analysis of polling booth data and demographic modelling to help target messages.

Interviewer Training

Training volunteers to undertake intercept interviews