Project Description

This project occurred whilst Christy was directly employed by Moonee Valley City Council, not as an ASDF contract. It has been included as a illustration of the type of work ASDF Research can do.

This comprehensive project was undertaken as part of a part-time role as an employee at Moonee Valley City Council. It involved working closely with upper management and general staff at a local council to develop and implement a database to keep track of research and consultation projects across the organisation. The project included:

  • Identifying the needs of management and staff to help identify appropriate content.
  • Assesing the best software to use for the system which integrated with current systems and was familiar to staff (SharePoint).
  • Design of content for the resource, including help documents, survey templates and research design checklists.
  • Design of the system, whereby the project manager completes a short form which then automatically populates a calendar of research and a searchable database of projects.
  • Development of clear dscriptions of how to use each component of the system.
  • Training of staff on how to use the system.

This database has been running for 18 months and in that time has logged over 50 projects. It has been used to identify opportunities for collaboration across departments, and on a number of occasions prevented over-surveying of a particular target market. It is also used to assist in annual reporting of activities. Staff report that it is easy to use and helps them in their roles.