Project Description

Assisted a local council with the design, analysis and evaluation of community engagement to inform their Council Plan.

This included:

  • Advise on optimal engagement activities to reach identified target populations;
  • Review of proposed engagement survey, providing advice on content and online programming;
  • Development of evaluation plan to collect required data from engagement activities to evaluate the program;
  • Coding of qualitative feedback collected through the engagement survey;
  • Analysis of engagement survey findings and identification of priorities for Council, in line with Local Government Framework, World Health Organisation (WHO) social determinants of health framework and proposed Council Plan themes.;
  • Analysis of research activities conducted by Council over the 4 years prior (over 30 projects) to identify community sentiment. Analysis was conducted with overlays according to priority group, WHO social determinants of health and Council Plan themes.  This included identifying (where possible) priorities for Council to inform the new Council Plan; and
  • Evaluation of the project, using extensive information collected during the program.

This analysis was also used to develop the Council Plan Fact Sheet.