A critical component of any research project is the framework used. The framework will determine the accuracy and usefulness of the research results. At ASDF we assist with:

  • Developing community engagement frameworks to ensure representative coverage and a comprehensive exploration of the topic.
  • Defining a framework for a research project, including objectives, methodology and analysis.
  • Developing tools to assist in keeping track of research and data, with a focus on usability and integration with pre-existing systems.
  • Developing e-learning training to ensure that staff understand data management frameworks and requirements (particularly with regards to privacy laws).

Some examples of work we have conducted in this area follow…

Domestic Animal Management Plan Community Engagement

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Assisted a local Council with developing a community engagement framework and implementing a representative community survey (mail-out), general community survey (online and paper), data combining, analysis and reporting, and first draft of the DAMP.

Strategic Planning benchmarking

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Set up a dynamic excel form for collecting administrative data from seven Councils. Collected data was combined and analysed, with the production of a clear and consise analysis report to assist with service planning.

Council Plan Engagement

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Assisted a local council with the design, analysis and evaluation of community engagement to inform their Council Plan.

Limesurvey training

Provided 2 x 1 hour training sessions for a staff member on use of the online survey software package Limesurvey.

Understanding and supporting Young People


Developed a youth profile for Banyule municipality, a youth needs assessment, and an overview of the Youth Services sector.