Project Description

In late 2016 ASDF Research assisted the Inner East Primary Care Partnership (IEPCP) with their Health and Wellbeing Needs of Older People Living in the Eastern Region of Melbourne project.

ASDF Research assisted by:

  • Sourcing health characteristics and behaviour data for 60+ year olds by LGA and broader regions, including tailored data requests from a range of organisations and Government departments.
  • Compiling the final report with graphic design overlays, integrating data collected by IEPCP on demographics and lifestyle measures.
  • Writing a summary for the final report.
  • Designing 10 infographic snapshots (1 per region) to communicate the key findings in the report.
  • Created an Excel data dashboard to allow for filtering of data in real time.
  • Created a list of sources with an update schedule.

All files can be sourced through the IEPCP website.

Older Persons Research Cover Page IEPCP infographic dashboard