Project Description

ASDF Research assisted the Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) with designing, online hosting and analysing a survey of those involved in the horse industry. Over 3,000 responses were recorded nationally, through intercept surveys at 2014 Equitana, email invites through a number of enewsletters, and distribution on facebook.

For this project, ASDF Research:

  • Fine-tuned the survey script;
  • Designed a paper version of the survey to be used by intercept interviewers;
  • Programmed the survey for online using Limesurvey;
  • Provided a data entry link so that volunteers could enter the paper forms directly into the online data file;
  • Exported the data into Excel and SPSS, and cleaned the data file;
  • Coded verbatim comments for 1,500 written answers across 6 questions;
  • Produced a 30 page analysis report in Word; and
  • Presented the findings at the AHIC board meeting.

Copies of the findings can be purchased through AHIC.