Project Description

This project was conducted for City of Melbourne in conjunction with CDM Research. The aim was to understand the extent to which different on-road cycling infrastructure designs would increase confidence of non-cyclists. Results will be used to inform design of cycling infrastructure to increase the proportion of city workers who cycle to work.

ASDF Research undertook the following tasks for this project:

  • designed a distribution framework to achieve at least 800 sample;
  • provided input into design of survey questions;
  • designed 12 x 3D models of different road infrastructure for cyclists;
  • programmed and hosted the online survey;
  • managed online panels and respondent recruitment contractors;
  • managed incentives for recruited participants;
  • contacted businesses to ask them to distribute the survey;
  • combined data files; and
  • produced an analysis report using the client style guides.

In May 2018 the report was published to the Melbourne participate page as part of the launch of the refreshed transport plan for public comment. The 3D mock-ups of cycle lanes were also showcased on the page.

Link to Melbourne City Council participate page

Bicycle User Confidence Study – Nearmarket Research Analysis Report