Project Description

For this project, ASDF Research assisted a Local Council in undertaking a benchmarking activity to collect administrative data from seven Councils’ Strategic Planning and Statutory Planning departments.

We assisted in developing a dynamic and interactive Excel form to be distributed to participating Councils to collect the admisitrative data. The form had dynamic features such as a % complete indicator, highlighting of incomplete questions, links to jump to relevant sections, and questions that triggered based on the answers to previous questions. The data was collated in a hidden spreadsheet so that responses could be quickly and easily combined without the risk of error.

ASDF Research liaised with each Council to assist with form completion and follow-up on progress, combined the completed data, and produced 2 analysis reports; one with the Council’s identified for the organisation contracting the work, and one with deidentified Councils for distribution to those Councils who participated in the benchmarking.

The findings were used to inform service planning.