Providing research and data analysis that is accurate, useful and tailored to the end user. ASDF Research specialises in sourcing data as well as interpreting both simple and complex data sets, and helps organisations understand how they can use data. We present information in a way that is useful to your staff and stakeholders, including comprehensive reports and infographics.

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Design of succinct and useful surveys, taking into consideration the objectives of the research, distribution methodology and the target market. Also includes online survey programming and management, mail-out surveys, and training intercept interviewers.

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Data management

Developing profiles using publicly available data (community profiles). Design of databases for a range of applications, including keeping track of research and consultation projects across the organisation, and presentation of results from multiple data sources (dashboards).

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Developing the most appropriate research, evaluation and community engagement frameworks and methodologies to achieve representative coverage, develop appropriate indicators, and ensure comprehensive exploration of the topic.

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Welcome to ASDF research.

ASDF specialises in providing top quality social research and evaluation services in the fields of local government, sustainability, transport and not-for-profit.

We are currently offering Councils and service providers a free survey tool to collect data about community needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For further information click here.

If you are here to confirm that a survey is genuine, click here to see projects currently in field.

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