Looking for a data nerd? You have come to the right place. We enjoy nothing more than being immersed up to the ears in numbers, and the challenge of finding a way to make those numbers useful in a way that looks great and is easy to follow.

One of our particular specialties is analysing ‘big data’ sets such as HACC data and bringing together multiple data points to tell a story.

Analysing data is a very important part of the research process. At ASDF we specialise in:

  • Sourcing existing data relevant to the research topic
  • Analysing and interpreting data sets in a way that is useful to your organisation
  • Tailoring analysis for different stakeholders
  • Ensuring that the analysis is correct and presented in a way that cannot be misinterpreted
  • Adhering to research best practice in data analysis
  • Presenting data in an inspiring way (eg. infographics and data dashboards)
  • Writing clear and concise analysis reports which look good and are easy to follow
  • Designing analysis outputs (charts etc.) that meet your organisations’ style guides
  • Training researchers on how to analyse data correctly
  • Interpretation of existing data files
  • Designing tools to assist staff with using current data sets

Some examples of work we have conducted in this area follow…

Climate Action Plan research

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In collaboration with Market Solutions we undertook research to understand community perceptions of Climate Action, to inform the development of a local council Climate Action Plan.

Nearmarket cycling infrastructure research

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In collaboration with CDM Research we developed a survey tool to help understand how cycling infrastructure changes might encourage people to cycle to work.

Domestic Animal Management Plan Community Engagement

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Assisted a local Council with developing a community engagement framework and implementing a representative community survey (mail-out), general community survey (online and paper), data combining, analysis and reporting, and first draft of the DAMP.

Strategic Planning benchmarking

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Set up a dynamic excel form for collecting administrative data from seven Councils. Collected data was combined and analysed, with the production of a clear and consise analysis report to assist with service planning.

Council Plan Engagement

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Assisted a local council with the design, analysis and evaluation of community engagement to inform their Council Plan.

Alcohol harm fact sheets


Using publicly available data we produced 7 inforgraphics tailored to the clients style guide, plus a supporting reference document.