There are two areas of focus within our data management offering:

  1. Keeping track of in-house research and consultation projects – This offering is ideal for Local Councils who wish to easily document all of the research and consultation conducted by the organisation, to facilitate shared learning, ensure consistency in research approach and assist in the auditing process.
  2. Management of research data – As computers and the internet become more sophisticated, businesses face a growing wealth of information and data. There are many opportunities to use systems to help manage, keep track of and dynamically present this data.

At ASDF Research we work with key stakeholders in your organisation to develop data management systems which are easy to use, and provide your staff and clients with useful information in a timely manner. Services include:

  • Research and Consultation database, to help keep track of projects occurring throughout the organisation. Databases are designed in consultation with your staff to ensure it is easy to use, provides the relevant information for your organisation, and slots into your current IT systems. These databases typically involve an easy to complete form to log a project, calendar of research, resources to assist with project design, and a fully searchable database to facilitate shared learning.
  • Dashboards which link through to data sources and will dynamically update as the data files update (for instance, tracking surveys). These are graphically designed to meet the clients’ style guides.
  • Volunteer management databases. In the past we have assisted with implementation and training using the Nationbuilder software, but are currently exploring alternatives with better privacy protocols.

Some examples of work we have conducted in this area follow…

Climate Action Plan research

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In collaboration with Market Solutions we undertook research to understand community perceptions of Climate Action, to inform the development of a local council Climate Action Plan.

Nearmarket cycling infrastructure research

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In collaboration with CDM Research we developed a survey tool to help understand how cycling infrastructure changes might encourage people to cycle to work.

Domestic Animal Management Plan Community Engagement

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Assisted a local Council with developing a community engagement framework and implementing a representative community survey (mail-out), general community survey (online and paper), data combining, analysis and reporting, and first draft of the DAMP.

Strategic Planning benchmarking

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Set up a dynamic excel form for collecting administrative data from seven Councils. Collected data was combined and analysed, with the production of a clear and consise analysis report to assist with service planning.

City resource data pack

Development of a comprehensive Excel document to summarise data from a range of sources across 19 topic areas relevant to Council planning.

Alcohol harm fact sheets


Using publicly available data we produced 7 inforgraphics tailored to the clients style guide, plus a supporting reference document.