At ASDF Research our passion for sustainability underlies everything we do.

  We have joined the Take2 Pledge, see our page here: ASDF Take2 page.

Environmental sustainability

  • This website is hosted by Digital Pacific, an Australian carbon neutral hosting provider. For more information please go here.
  • The business is currently home-based. In our home we subscribe to 100% green electricity and use less than 150L of water per person per day.
  • We have a compost for food scraps and recycle everything we can.
  • With regards to transportation decisions, the first option will always be active transport (cycling or walking). If this is not practicable (turning up to meetings waterlogged is seldom a good look) we will use public transport. Failing that we will drive, but we carbon offset all car use on an annual basis.
  • Our business cards are printed on 100% recycled card.

Social Equality & Volunteering

  • Each year we aim to conduct at least 3 projects on a volunteer basis or at reduced rates. We feel that it is important for all organisations to have the ability to conduct good research and do our best to facilitate that.
  • The lead consultant is a rescue & transport volunteer for Wildlife Victoria.
  • We live, work and play on First Nations’ country. 1% of our income is paid to Traditional Owners through


  • ASDF Research practices ethical consumerism. We will only purchase items if it is deemed absolutely necessary for the function of the business. When we do purchase items we will seek out the most sustainable option.
  • We believe that work life balance is important, therefore we will only undertake enough paid work to facilitate living to a level which is not excessive. At present the aim is to work no more than 4 days a week.
  • At ASDF Research we have fully divested from any financial institutions which invest in fossil fuels, including banking providers and superannuation (FutureSuper is our preferred provider and is used by all staff).
  • ASDF Research donates 10% of profits to charity. Once we make a profit we will report our donations here.

Given we are currently a small home based start-up, we do not yet have a formal Environmental Management System. This will be a top priority once the business expands.