Data combining

Safety Survey


Representative sampling of rates database with detailed analysis and interactive dashboard.

Community Profile

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Development of profile framework, collating publicly available data, representative sampling of rates database with detailed analysis and interactive dashboard.

DAMP engagement

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Representative sampling of rates database with detailed analysis.

Community Profile framework and development

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Development of a framework for Council's community profile, then put together the profile document using publicly available data. Included an intranet site for Council staff.

Climate Action Plan research

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In collaboration with Market Solutions we undertook research to understand community perceptions of Climate Action, to inform the development of a local council Climate Action Plan.

Nearmarket cycling infrastructure research

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In collaboration with CDM Research we developed a survey tool to help understand how cycling infrastructure changes might encourage people to cycle to work.

Domestic Animal Management Plan Community Engagement

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Assisted a local Council with developing a community engagement framework and implementing a representative community survey (mail-out), general community survey (online and paper), data combining, analysis and reporting, and first draft of the DAMP.

Strategic Planning benchmarking

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Set up a dynamic excel form for collecting administrative data from seven Councils. Collected data was combined and analysed, with the production of a clear and consise analysis report to assist with service planning.

City resource data pack

Development of a comprehensive Excel document to summarise data from a range of sources across 19 topic areas relevant to Council planning.

Health and Wellbeing Needs of Older People


Comprehensive data sourcing and presentation project. Outputs include a designed report, infographics and a data dashboard.