Thematic Analysis

Undertook a thematic analysis of 2 questions in a pre-existing survey.

Each question had over 800 comments ranging from 1-5 sentences. A pre-defined set of categories was provided, with explanations for each code.

This project also included developing tools within an excel document to assist the researcher in analysing and interpreting the thematic analysis results.


AHIC national survey


A project for the Australian Horse Industry Council which achieved over 3,000 completed surveys. ASDF designed the survey, hosted an online version, produced an analysis report and infographic and presented the findings.

Cycling Survey


Designed and programmed an online survey with mapping functionality built-in. Distributed the survey through various channels and presented some of the findings using a Google map.

Healesville Community Survey report

Detailed thematic analysis of pre-existing research data, and reporting of the findings.

Understanding and supporting Young People


Developed a youth profile for Banyule municipality, a youth needs assessment, and an overview of the Youth Services sector.

Community Attitudes towards the Environment research


Design and analysis of a community attitudes towards the environment survey.

Polling booth modelling

Analysis of polling booth data and demographic modelling to help target messages.

Big data analysis – HACC data

Using HACC data for future planning.