Project Description

In early 2014, Environment Victoria identified the need for undertaking research with particular communities to help understand what is important to them. This research will be used to tailor messages and priorities to be relevant to these communities.

Environment Victoria has a team of volunteers who run street stalls and undertake door knocking to chat to the community about environmental issues. This team of volunteers was asked to also undertake surveys when running street stalls and doorknocking.

As the volunteers often have no experience with interviewing, ASDF Research was brought in to design an interviewer training session to help these volunteers understand the professional aspects of interviewing, and put them in a good position to collect valid data, as well as feel comfortable with the interviewing task.

ASDF Research developed a ‘cheat sheet’ for interviewers, and run a 1 hour workshop session where the particulars of interviewing were discussed, and the survey tool was scrutinised to ensure that they understood the purpose of the questionnaire as a whole, as well as each individual question.

This project was undertaken as a volunteer.