Project Description

In early 2014 ASDF Research was commissioned to undertake an analysis of Home and Community Care (HACC) data for Wyndham City Council.

This project involved converting the unit record file for all HACC clients into two SPSS data files (one for individuals, and one for services). This data can then be used to assist Council in understanding:

  • Variations in service provision across Council and non-Council HACC service providers
  • Likely future demand for HACC services (by comparing current service levels to future demographic projections)

ASDF Research produced a number of analysis reports, tailored to match the organisation’s corporate style:

  • Profile of current HACC recipients in the municipality – comparing Council to non-Council service providers and reviewing the changes in HACC recipient profile over time (comparing 2010-2011 data to 2011-2012 data)
  • Sub-regional profiles (suburb based) of current HACC recipients compared to community demographics

A fact sheet on our HACC data analysis offering can be found here.