We have developed a survey tool that can be used by Councils and service providers to identify community needs during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This critical information can help with response planning and understanding how community needs change as the situation changes. Using this survey tool means you can compare your findings to other areas that have also used the tool, as well as statewide data.

This is offered for free to any organisation who wishes to use it, on the understanding that ASDF Research reserves the right to publicly release aggregated data results to assist the broader community with planning. The data collection method is anonymous, and conforms to strict privacy management – see our collection statement for further information.

The survey is free to use, and is provided in the following formats:

  1. Online survey to be distributed through your social media and networks, or through representative sampling of households. Simply replace ‘yourorganisation’ at the end of the following URL with an abbreviation of your company name (replace the red text after the = sign without any spaces, commas or full stops), and then send out the link through your networks (social media, email lists etc).

  2. Paper survey* for mail-out. This comes with a data entry form to assist with analysing the data. COVID-19_Community_Survey_-_Paper (pdf, 327kb).
  3. Insert questions into other surveys or run the survey yourself* – If you have other research going out, you can choose to add a couple of the questions to that research. Or, you can choose to run all or part of the survey yourself. A word document of questions can be found here:

COVID-19 Survey (*.docx 20kb, version 5, 22 July 2020).

*We ask that if you use the survey (or part thereof) through methods 2 or 3, please include a question at the end asking if the respondent gives permission for their data to be added to the statewide database. Then, please send through your de-identified data file for those who said yes so it can be added to the aggregated anonymous statewide data.

If you reach at least 50 responses we will provide a summary of your findings compared to the whole database. We can also send you an extract of your raw data from the online survey. Note, if you do not distribute the URL with your name in it then we will not be able to identify which data is yours. Please test your link and make sure you don’t see an error at the top of the page.

To discuss further or if you have any questions, please contact us.