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Personal Information: ‘Information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable: whether the information or opinion is true or not’ Examples include email, phone number, name, health information etc.

How personal information is collected:

There are a number of ways that ASDF Research (ABN 76 114 722 621) collects personal information:

  • Through the conduct of social research surveys;
  • Provided with customer contact lists by organisations for whom we have been contracted to conduct a survey;
  • Collected through the contact form; and
  • Client details (project team details) provided in the course of undertaking projects.

Personal information will not be collected from any person who is known by ASDF Research to be under the age of fifteen (14) without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Why do we collect personal information?

Personal information is collected for a number of reasons:

  • In order to invite you to participate in a survey for an organisation with whom you have interacted, or for an organisation who provides services to a property in which you live, own, or manage a business;
  • In order to confirm participation in a survey so that those who have already completed a survey are not sent reminders;
  • In order to contact you to arrange delivery of a prize, should an ASDF Research survey which you complete offer an incentive. If information is not provided in this instance the individual will not be eligible for the prize; and
  • We collect personal information (name and email) for our clients and will use this information to provide clients with services and information that would be reasonably expected under a business arrangement.

Occasionally a survey will include a question whereby an answer might result in a respondent being identifiable by the client. To maintain respondent anonymity we carefully review all data and will delete any instances that pose a risk of identification prior to analysis / delivery of the data file to the client.

How do we manage your personal information?

Emails provided by a client in order to invite their customers to a survey:

Personal information is carefully managed to prevent misuse through the following processes:

  • We only accept contact lists from clients if it can be determined that the purpose of the survey is related to the primary purpose of the organisation who originally collected the contact details, in order to comply with APP6.
  • Data files are transferred through an encrypted online file transfer portal where only the client and ASDF staff have access to the file. We encourage clients to never send these files over email.
  • Where we use the online surveying software to manage email invites to a survey, the email is stored in a separate data file to survey responses. These can be linked with a randomly generated code that is recognised only within the surveying system so that the software can identify those who have completed the survey (so as not to send them reminders). The survey data file does not contain any identifiable information (email address or name).
  • Personal information is never used for any purpose other than to invite individuals to participate in a survey.
  • The address file is deleted at a time that is determined within industry guidelines or contractual arrangements.

Personal information collected to provide an incentive or register for follow-up information / future surveys

At the end of a survey respondents may be given the opportunity to enter their email adress:

  • to collect contact details to provide an incentive for survey participation;
  • to register for follow-up information; and/or
  • to register to participate in future surveys.

When this occurs, the personal information is collected and stored in a separate database to survey responses. The information is never used for any purpose other than to contact incentive recipients. The data file is stored on a secure system and is deleted at a time that is determined within industry guidelines or contractual arrangements.
All personal information (including email addresses and survey responses) is stored on servers in Australia.

Additional information

ASDF is an ADIA member and therefore complies with stringent data management and privacy procedures.

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can access and correct your personal information, how you can lodge a complaint regarding the handling of your personal information and how any complaint will be handled by ASDF Research. Privacy Policy

You may contact our privacy officer with any queries via:
Email: contact form
Mail: PO Box 503, Emerald, Victoria, 3782